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AFAGA Alzheimer is a non-profit association whose aim is to implement a series of activites meant to get a better life for people with dementia and their relatives, and to provide information, counselling and advise to every person wishing so. In doing so, it intends to raise awareness among public and private entities about this desease with the aim of achieving a comprehensive and effective response to the demands of this target group. Furthermore, AFAGA promotes and supports research focused on this disease


The Association of Relatives of People with 聽Alzheimer鈥檚 and other dementias of Galicia (AFAGA) was born in 1994 as a result of the concern of a group of relatives wanting to know more about this disease 聽due to the lack of information at that time. AFAGA was the first association of relatives of people with dementia in Galicia.

At first, it had an regional character, but later, owing to the appearance of new associations and the impossibility of covering such a wide population spectrum, its scope of action was reduced to a provincial level. Most of the activities and programmes that they carry out have a local scope restricted to the city of Vigo.

AFAGA was part of the National Confederation of Associations of Relatives of People with 聽Alzheimer鈥檚 (CEAFA). With the increase in the number of associations, it was necessary to create regional federations. AFAGA was a founding member of the Federation of Galician Associations of Relatives of People with 聽Alzheimer鈥檚 (FAGAL). As a result of this process, the National Federation became a Confederation, of which the Galician Federation is currently a member.

Among its main objectives are to provide guidance and information to both relatives and the general public, to bring the reality of Alzheimer鈥檚 closer to public and private entities in order to achieve a broad and effective response to the demands of this group, and to promote and supports research focused on this disease.

Since 1994, this Association has been developing a series of activities and programmes to help patients and their families to alleviate the constraints imposed by this disease.

Mission 路 Vision 路 Values


鈥淭he defence of the rights of people with Alzheimer鈥檚 or other neurodegenerative dementia and their families, providing specialised services and prevention measures, as well as developing social awareness activities.

鈥淯nderstanding that awareness-raising encompasses training, research, talks, etcetera. With regard to prevention, the care of people without Alzheimer鈥檚 disease is included as well鈥.


鈥淭o be a professionalised and independent entity that aims to be a benchmark in the area 聽with regards to specialisation, innovation and research鈥.


The principles and values of AFAGA Alzheimer are listed below:

  • Independence
  • Efficiency
  • Transparency
  • Solidarity
  • Social justice
  • Respect for dignity
  • Social responsibility
  • Social equity

Management board

President: Juan Carlos Rodr铆guez Bern谩rdez

Vice-president: Marie Isabelle Prado

Treasurer: Olga Milla Castro

Secretary: Remigio Rodr铆guez P茅rez

Member of the Board: M陋 Josefa Garc铆a Encina

Member of the Board: Jos茅 Lago Bastero

Member of the Board: Aida Iglesias Paz

Member of the Board: Mar铆a Carmen 脕lvarez Yrago


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