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What is Alzheimer’s?

What are its symptoms?

Are Alzheimer’s and dementia the same thing?

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AFAGA Alzheimer is a non-profit association whose aim is to implement a series of activites meant to get a better life for people with dementia and their relatives, and to provide information, counselling and advise to every person wishing so. In doing so, it intends to raise awareness among public and private entities about this desease with the aim of achieving a comprehensive and effective response to the demands of this target group. Furthermore, AFAGA promotes and supports research focused on this disease.

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How can we help?

afaga alzheimer servicios a personas con alzheimer y otras demencias
I've just been diagnosed
afaga alzheimer soy cuidador
I'm a caregiver
afaga alzheimer profesional sanitario
I am a social and health professional
afaga alzheimer prevenir colaborar
I want to support prevention and/or collaborate

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