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After years of experience providing specialised training to professionals in the field of social and health care, AFAGA offers you these courses that we have already developed successfully:

“Accompanying the vulnerable person: cognition, behaviour and emotion”

Attendance : 6 hours

Objectives: To learn about the relevant aspects of neurocognitive and psychopathological disorders for an adequate accompaniment and management of the person and their family.

“Caring without neglecting”

Attendance : 4 hours

Objectives: To deepen key aspects of the process of accompanying, supporting and caring for others. To reflect on and internalise the ethical principles inherent to this process and the premises adapted to the exercise of care. To learn about and delve into the values and personal characteristics that should guide the work of professional carers.

“Grief: process and accompaniment in bereavement”

Attendance: 4 hours

Objectives: To reflect on and deepen the process of grief by accompanying people. To become familiar with loss and its consequences. To get to know the relevant aspects of the grieving process. To promote the elaboration of one’s own losses as a premise for accompanying other people. To acquire appropriate strategies for accompanying the grieving process.

“Non-pharmacological interventions: new challenges in the support and accompaniment of people”

Attendance: 4 hours

Objectives: To learn about non-pharmacological therapies and their importance. To acquire resources and tools to be able to carry them out. To broaden knowledge and strategies to improve care for people with dementia.

“The new protection and support for the rights of people with disabilities”

Face-to-face : 2 hours

Objectives: To acquire an initial knowledge of the new Law 8/2021 on the rights of people with disabilities.

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Caring for people with dementia continues to be the great challenge of our society, hence the importance of professionals carrying out an adequate process of accompaniment for both diagnosed people and their families. Although at first we might think that dementias are related to neurological aspects, the truth is that they encompass dimensions that include the entire spectrum of the social and health care field.

The purpose of this training action is to provide specific and specialised training on the multidisciplinary approach to dementias for the proper accompaniment and care of people with Alzheimer’s or other dementias, as well as their family environment.


With this training action, we intend that students acquire and understand:

  • Knowledge and skills necessary to understand the process of normal and pathological ageing.
  • The communication process with people with dementia in order to be able to adapt to their particularities.
  • Cognitive intervention strategies and programmes, as well as the necessary skills to put them into practice.
  • Methods and strategies of functional stimulation in intervention with people with dementia.
  • Various applications of physiotherapy in intervention with the person with dementia and their carer.
  • The implications of caring for a person with dementia for the family environment.
  • Affective and sexual aspects in the normal ageing process and in Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Social and protective resources applicable to people with dementia and their environment.

Aimed at:

This course is aimed at professionals in the social and healthcare fields (clinical assistants, geriatric nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, doctors, social workers,…) who wish to broaden and recycle their knowledge in the field of dementia, as well as for all those who wish to gain a deeper understanding of the accompaniment of people with dementia and their family environment.

This training can be subsidised:

Consult prices and discounts.

Training 100% subsidised through FUNDAE. Possibility of bonus management by AFAGA.


This training action is 100% online and will be taught through our Virtual Platform: In addition, each module has a duration of 20 teaching hours.

More info:

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