AFAGA and the Government Subdelegation in Pontevedra continue to move closer together. At a recent meeting, the President of AFAGA Alzheimer, Juan Carlos Rodríguez, and the association’s legal advisor, Iván Rarís, told the Subdelegate of the Government in the province, Maica Larriba, about the new projects that the entity is embarking on, such as the first Chair of Ageism, together with AFAPO and the University of Vigo (the first in Europe) and the construction of a centre specialising in care for people with dementia and their family and living environment which, together with the scientific community, aims to lay the foundations for new models of care for these groups.

The meeting, of great harmony, ended with the commitment of the Subdelegate to collaborate with AFAGA in all those matters that are within the competences of the Subdelegation of the Government. One of the first joint initiatives that will take shape will be the training of the State Security Forces and of social and health professionals in active intervention with people suffering from Alzheimer’s or other dementias. We will also study the possibility of establishing joint assistance protocols between AFAGA and the security forces in cases of disorientation, loss and disappearance of people with neurodegenerative diseases. By exchanging data and information, the resolution of these cases could be significantly speeded up.

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