Firma del acuerdo
Agreement signature: Image: O MIRANTE

Afaga signed a collaboration agreement with the Center for Child Welfare of Vila Franca de Xira, (CBEI, Portuguese acronym for Centro de Bem Estar Infantil de Vila Franca de Xira) located in Lisbon.

In accordance with the agreement the Alzheimer’s association will give technical advice about the care of older people and dependant people. In addition both associations will carry out joint actions.

The agreement was signed at the Neo-realism museum of Vila Franca de Xira. The chairman of the CBEI; Gil Teixeira, the chairman of Afaga; Juan Carlos Rodriguez, the  chairman of the parish council of Vila Franca de Xira; Joao Santos, the head of social development of the city council; Fatima Antunes, and the chairman of UDIPPS Lisbon; Jose Carlos Batalha, were all present at the signature.

Acuerdo con Portugal.
The signature attendees at the neo-realism museum of Vila Franca de Xira. Image: OMIRANTE.

About the CBEI     

In addition to ratifying the agreement, the chairman of Afaga,  Juan Carlos Rodríguez and  Maxi Rodríguez, Afaga Psychologist also visited the CBEI facilities and Euterpe Alhandrense society; a cultural and formative society that develops several activities in collaboration with the CBEI.

The CBEI is a development and training centre for fifteen-year-old, and younger, children that offers a wide training program. Among its newest projects is; providing professional attention to older and/or dependent people. They will have Afaga’s collaboration and expertise at their disposal to carry out this project.

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