Foto Ivan

Iván Rarís, Coordinator of Legal Department.

Last December 1th in 2014, AFAGA creates its Legal Advice Department for giving support in most important legal aspects for Alzheimer´s and other dementias individuals and their relatives.

In AFAGA, we know that legal aspects of Alzheimer and other dementias become a source of worries for families. There is a lot of legal and administrative processing that families need to confront, like statement of disability application, protection precautionary measure application, guardianship application and other ways of protection; advice relative to inherited aspects like  inheritance, successions and others.

With the start-up of this service we want to give specialized advice for families about all processing previously mentioned, as in whatever legal issues that could be interrelated with this disease.

This service is accessible for members by scheduled appointment that they can get through our usual contact channels:

  • Telephone number: (0034) 986 22 97 97. Extension: 5
  • E-mail:
  • Contact person: Iván Rarís.