After a degenerative dementia diagnosis, the patient embarks on a road oriented towards stimulating his/her capacities, that is to say, to keep his/her personal autonomy for as long as possible.

To do so, AFAGA is working on a Cognitive and functional Stimulation workshops Programme, which attempts to keep the abilities, knowledge and behaviours that the patient still owns. We use techniques oriented towards the daily-life activities training, reality orientation, cognitive stimulation and functional stimulation. We set all those terms by carrying out adapted activities for general abilities in groups as well as for individual abilities.

We have currently eight groups (4 groups in the afternoon and another 4 groups in the morning). Each group comprises no more than ten people. All participants come twice a week, for 2 h and 45’ minutes a day.


Groups are classified according to the damage level.


  • Interview with our social worker
  • Cognitive and functional patient assessment, carried out by our psychologist and occupational therapist.


Telephone number: (0034) 986 22 97 97


Contact Person: Diana Rodríguez