It only takes a simple action to help both people suffering from degenerative diseases and their families. With the purchase of one of these gifts you can support a good cause.


Behind these daisies there is a beautiful story, a story with names and surnames, a story about generosity. They were handmade by the two daughters of a person with Alzheimer’s disease, who are also members of Afaga. They were the ones who came up with the idea, they made the flowers (in an absolutely selfless way) and they donated them to Afaga.

Their aim is to help people who are in a similar situation: experiencing at first hand Alzheimer’s. They also want to help us continue to develop programs that the sick people, the caregivers and the families benefit from.

Thank you Coco, thank you Maite!

And thanks to all of the people who support us in our everyday work!

Bookmarks and brooch/peg
3€ per piece + 1€ shipping costs

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Frame and headband*
4€ per piece + 2€ shipping costs

Que producto quieres?

Keychain and diary*
5€ per piece + 1 € shipping costs

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Book of stories

‘In a Corner of Memory’

This book gathers a small simple of stories that Afaga received along the three editions of the competition of brief stories called “In a Corner of Memory”. They are little fragments of feelings, experiences and inspirations that their authors captured on paper and shared with us.
We have sampled 20 of them, although we have several left in the archive that we would have loved to publish if we could.

We hope you enjoy them!

Prize: 2 euros