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The most common reactions of relatives of a person newly diagnosed with dementia are disbelief and anguish, as well as a great lack of information. It is precisely the search for orientation and guidance in dealing with the new situation that leads the affected persons to turn to family associations.

Counselling (information, education and advice) for families is one of AFAGA’s basic objectives. Most of the relatives feel this need to be informed. This need can be oriented in two directions:

General issues, such as medical aspects, more appropriate responses to the reactions of the sick, basic care, etc.
Requests for specific services: home help, stimulation therapy, psychological therapy, etc.

In most cases, however, there is a mixture of both types of demand, as the lack of information affects all aspects of the disease. Once relatives are aware of the therapies that can improve the patient’s quality of life, they try to find the means to apply them to their patient.

Once the person contacts the association, the Social Worker channels the request in the following way:

Offering the information that is considered appropriate through books, videos, leaflets, etc.
Informing about the programmes that AFAGA develops, as well as how to access similar resources in public and private institutions.

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  • Phone: +34 986 22 97 97
  • E-mail: diana@afaga.com / marina@afaga.com / trabajadorasocial@afaga.com
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