The project “Longsocial – New longevity scenario: cross-border action by social initiative entities”, financed by the Interreg VI Cooperation Program for Spain – Portugal (POCTEP) 2021-2027, seeks to address the challenge of aging by expanding knowledge specialized and the development of capacities of social initiative entities with a local intervention scope. The objective is that the effort results in the improvement of care for the elderly in rural areas. To this end, different activities are proposed that seek to promote the cross-border intervention of these entities, thus enabling the offer of services regardless of the side of the border on which the supplier or demander is located.
Population aging is common in the cross-border area and this entails the challenge of meeting the needs of this segment of the population. This reality becomes peculiarly more complex in rural areas, which will require a component of creativity and generosity to try to define plausible solutions.

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