One hundred caregivers, relatives, and Afaga staff took part in the Family Caregiver’s Day walk.. This project was financed jointly with Galician government as part of the programme ‘O teu Xacobeo’.

It was 11 o’clock in Valença when the group started their journey to Tui. They went through the Camiño Portugués (Portuguese Way),making a green wave in solidarity and commitment with people with Alzheimer’s and their families.

The journey started infront of Valenza’s governing body, the Camara Municipal, where participants met.  The President of the Camara, Manuel Lopes, the councilwoman Elisabete Domingues, the mayor of Tui, Enrique Cabaleiro,  the councilor for social services of Tui, Ismael Diz, and the social worker of the council, Carmen González, also attended this meeting. In addition, Ismael Diz and Carmen Gonzáleztook part in the walk.

In this welcoming ceremony, Juan Carlos Rodríguez gave the Camara of Valença an appreciation plaque on behalf of Afaga.

At noon, the green wave arrived at  Tui Council square, where they were received by the mayor, Enrique Cabaleiro. There, the President of Afaga, Juan Carlos Rodríguez, gave him an appreciation plaque for  the commitment the Council of Tui has always shown to the association. Then,the ‘Caregiver’s Manifesto’ was read out. The folk music group ‘Arume de Malvas’ livened up this meeting.

Finally, they had lunch in San Pelayo Minor Seminary. After that, they visited the cathedral.

It was a day in solidarity with people with Alzheimer’s and their families, and at the same time, it allowed caregivers to rest and relax.


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