Carlos Spuch, Doctor in Neurosciences and researcher in IIS Galicia Sur, opened the 16th edition of the Professional Conferences organized by Afaga, with the talk ‘Updating in the diagnosis and target patterns in the research of dementias’. During his presentation he addressed important issues such as the imperative need of accurate diagnosis.

‘This is going to allow us to do two things, –explained Spuch- on the one hand, if we identify that population who is suffering from the disease but have not yet developed serious brain damage, there is a high probability that experimental drugs will work (a brain in the first stages has its own mechanisms for recovering and regenerating). On the other hand, an early diagnosis will enable a modification of our daily routines to a healthier ones which will allow us to slow down the disease and, why not, stop it if we intervene in time.

Furthermore, the conferences addressed other topics such as the development of programs on Emotional Education for caregivers, the grieving process or the importance of volunteerism in the interventions and work with vulnerable groups.

Finally, the closing conference was entitled: ‘Perception of pain in people with cognitive impairment’, which is both an interesting and controversial topic.


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