During Solidarity Week, the Childhood and Primary Education School no.1 in Tui asked us to organize an activity with their students of third and fourth grade. We went there and we held an awareness-raising workshop on Alzheimer’s disease. The students paid close attention and were very responsive towards all the activities.

We spoke about Alzheimer’s disease: its definition, main symptoms, preventive measures, how to delay its onset and how they can help their grandparents when they lose track of things.

Then, we read the book ‘Mi abuela no se acuerda de mi nombre’ (Grandma Doesn’t Know My Name) by Rodolfo Esteban and Mai Egurza.

At the end of the workshop, the students wrote a post with some ideas on what to do when their grandparents start to show forgetfulness. Finally, they hung all their fantastic ideas on the memory tree.

It was such a positive day and a beautiful experience.

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