This workshop is part of the Cognitive Stimulation through New Technology Programme. This innovative experience is aimed at people with mild or moderate cognitive impairment.

The main purpose of this programme is to work on the cognitive, functional and social skills of the people who suffer from Alzheimer’s or other neurodegenerative diseases.

This workshop started on March 2012 and is composed of eight people. It takes place two hours a day, one day per week. Since October 2012 a new group started coming in the morning. Therefore the workshop currently takes place twice a week, one group comes in the morning and another different one in the afternoon.

Before the first session, people are evaluated in order to assess different aspects such as cognition, language or motivation. This enhance us to develop one-to-one classes adapted to the individual needs of each person.

The most innovative aspect of this programme is that it takes place in a conventional cognitive stimulation workshop  —with press comments, karaoke, memory exercises…—, but it incorporates the use of new technologies —programmes such as Gradior and SmartBrain—  adapting them to the individual needs and characteristics of the participants.

Each person has a touch screen computer, a keyboard, a mouse and headphones. Moreover, the second part of the programme works on the functional development of the participants through X-Box and Wii.