The Daytime Care Unit of Porriño is administered by AFAGA

This centre is regulated by an agreement with the Galician government Xunta de Galicia. It has 24 places aimed at elder people who suffer from a dementia such as the Alzheimer’s. It is a pilot project within the Galician community which provides short-stay places funded by the Xunta de Galicia.

Access to this places is handled by the Dependence Space of the Galician Department of Labour and Social Welfare.

Some of centre’s services and programmes are:

  • Basic Services: like maintenance, transport, personal care, hygiene, health maintenance and control, basic-life-activities assistance and help with meals.
  • Therapeutic Services: We have to differentiate specific services for users (these services are put into practice in our Therapeutic Intervention Programme.); and specific services for families ( in our Family Intervention Programme).


Address:  C/ Pinar, 7

36400 O Porriño (PONTEVEDRA)

Contact number: 986 33 00 03