Fisioterapia a domicilio

Alzheimer disease and other forms of dementia can come together with symptoms linked to motor skills. In order to deal with this problem, Afaga Alzheimer offers a Home Physiotherapy Service, through which, we intend to address the progressive decrease of mobility and associated symptoms such as rigidity, ankylosis or fall risk, among others. At the same time, the physiotherapist provides relatives and caregivers practical knowledge which will allow them to do exercises with the person suffering from dementia, avoiding therefore the potential risks for both of them.

When the relatives and/or caregivers detect a necessity on the physical level in the person with dementia, it would be convenient that they contacted with our association. The professional in physiotherapy and the social educator in Afaga will assess the situation and then start the service provision.

The physiotherapy sessions are performed once a week with a specific length of 45 minutes in the home of the affected person, with the goal of easing the discomfort associated to the impairment of motor skills and reduce the symptoms, prolonging thus their autonomy and quality of life.

Further information:

  • Phone: 986 22 97 97. Ext. 2.
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  • Contact person: Lorena Costas