“Re-cordis, volver a pasar por el corazón” (“Re-cordis, stopping my heart again“) written by María Teresa Camacho Herrero has won the II Short Story Contest “In a Corner of Memory”.

Apart from this story, the jury chose another three finalists:

  • Emotion Award: “En Manos del Olvido(“In the Hands of Oblivion”) by Celia Gámez Fernández.
  • Innovation Award: “Carta del Más allá  (“Letter from the Afterlife”) by Alberto Díez Domínguez.
  • Style Award: “Admirarte(“Contemplating you”) by Unai Gracia Eizaguirre.

Lastly, the jury made a special mention of the story “Raginoe Russian” by María Gafo Gómez Zamalloa and “El brillo de tu mirada” (“The spark in your eyes”) by Ramón Ruipérez Gumiel.

The jury was composed by Remigio Rodríguez, chairperson of AFAGA’s governing board; Raquel Giráldez, Deputy Mayor of Nigrán Council, a town located in the south-west of Galicia; Maxi Rodríguez, an AFAGA’S psychologist; Crisitina Villanueva, AFAGA’s Communication Officer and Pedro Vaquero Marcos, winner of the I Short Story Contest.

In all, 260 stories participated in the contest. Among them, there are stories with a high level of writing, emotion and innovation. It is remarkable the fact that some stories came from several European countries and Latin, Central and North America. The stories of those authors who have authorised us to publish them will be released every two weeks in our blog “El Rincón del Cuidador” (“The Caregiver’s Spot”).

AFAGA wants to thank everybody for the great reception this contest has had and also the writers who sent their excellent work. Congratulations to all participants!

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