The story “I want to fly”, written by Sonia González Domínguez under the pseudonym Alexandra Deep, has been the winner of the third edition of the Short Story Contest about Alzheimer’s Disease called “En un Rincón de la Memoria” (“In a Corner of the Memory”), in the Spanish language category. It was a beautiful story, sad but sweet, and also kind… with a surprising end.

Furthermore, the story “O home que se esvaecía” (“The man that was fading away”), written by Urbano Barrios Santamaría, was the winner in the Galician language category. It was lovely, very literary, stunning.

Apart from these stories, the jury chose three finalists:

  • Emotiveness: “El valor de su mirada” (“The value of their look”), by Irene María García Durán.
  • Originality: “Sabes lo que estoy buscando” (“You know what I am looking for”), by María Eréndida Alfaro Tabares.
  • Style: “Otoño” (“Autumn”), by Rodrigo Beltrán Galdo.

The jury members were: Aida Iglesias, Secretary of Afaga’s Governing Board; Raquel Giráldez, Deputy Major of the municipality of Nigrán; Sara Fernández, Afaga’s psychologist; Diana Rodríguez, Afaga’s social worker and Cristina Villanueva, responsible for Afaga’s Communication.

There are very beautiful, touching and really well written stories among the ones received.

Once again, the quality, emotiveness and originality have been the predominant features, so making this decision has been very difficult.

The stories that have been received will be published every two weeks in the blog “El Rincón del Cuidador” (“The Corner of the Caregive”), as their authors have agreed on. The winner stories will be published first, and the rest will be published later.

From Afaga we want to thank the warm reception that this contest has had and the excellent stories that we have received.

Congratulations to all the participants!

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