Café Memoria

The first experience with ‘Memory Coffee’ in Vigo was highly positive. Circa 50 people (caregivers, relatives and professionals) gathered in a very particular framework of the city–Vitrubia Café- which ended up being the perfect place to hold this meeting, thanks to the comfortability and peace of the venue.

Café Memoria

30 people came from Braga, including Firmino Marqués, vice-president of the municipal chamber of Braga (deputy mayor of Braga Town Council). He was really satisfied and grateful for the hospitality and the outcome of the activity.

Apart from the interventions of the institutional representatives, Joana Araújo, responsible for Memory Coffee in Braga, and Juan Carlos Rodríguez, president of Afaga, there was a question round so that the professionals could solve the attendants’ doubts, worries, etc.

The second part of the meeting was a relaxation workshop directed by Vanessa López, physiotherapist in Afaga, where she taught the assistants stretching techniques for those moments when they feel overburdened.

After this workshop, there was a coffee break, where there was a lively dialogue among the assistants, who took advantage of the moment to interchange their views and get to know each other better.

On ‘Memory Coffee’

Asociación Alzheimer Portugal implemented this initiative in several Portuguese cities, following the model initiated in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the United States or Canada.

The meetings consist of structured sessions, of no clinical nature, held in an informal environment. Their main goal is to contribute to improve the quality of live and the isolation of people with dementia and their caregivers. ‘Memory Coffee’ fosters the interaction between people with similar experiences and the participation in recreational and therapeutic activities.

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