Acuerdo La Caixa

‘La Caixa’ Foundation has granted an aid of 12.000 euros for a project in Vigo aimed to foster the independence and quality of life of dependent people.

The main goal of the program, which will be implemented by Afaga Alzheimer and it is called Emponderada-MENTE, is to offer a proper attention to caregivers/relatives, avoiding thus the “caregiver syndrome”. To this end, there will be a double focus: individual and group work.

On the one hand, the individual attention will involve appointments, both face-to-face or through alternative ways (telephone, Skype, etc.). On the other hand, there will be group therapy sessions, where caregivers will be able to share their feelings, doubts, caregiving strategies, etc. All the sessions will be guided by a psychologist.

Furthermore, leisure activities will be planned and a family mediation service, a highly-demanded resource by the families in the association, will be offered.

Acuerdo La Ciaxa

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