Afaga signed an agreement with Ponteareas’ Council, a town located in the south of Galicia. The aim is to open an information desk about Alzheimer’s and others dementias.


In order to do that, the Council has provided AFAGA with an office in the second floor of Ponteareas’ Community Centre located in Calle Oriente. This information desk is open one Wednesday every two weeks. It started running on June 1st from 5PM until 7PM.

The main aim is to provide help and information about Alzheimer’s to Ponteareas’ residents and also to the neighbouring towns of Condado and Paradanta.

After the signature of the agreement, the mayor of Ponteareas, Xosé Represas, highlighted that “We are really pleased to sign this agreement with AFAGA because we think it is important for our people to have this essential necessity covered. We hope that from now on more actions will be taken so that people who suffer directly or indirectly from these diseases receive help.”

Alzheimer’s Safety Net

This information desk is financed by the Galician Foundation Barrié and the Galician Alzheimer’s Association (known by its Spanish acronym FAGAL) and is part of the Alzheimer’s Safety Net Programme.

To learn more contact AFAGA: 986 22 97 97 or Ponteareas’ Community Centre: 986 64 17 47.

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