Today, a new musical group born from the collaboration between Fundación Coral Casablanca and Afaga Alzheimer, was presented. It is the choir “The Sounds of Memory”, composed by 18 people with Alzheimer’s disease or other form of dementia and their relatives. Moreover, there will also be other volunteers from the Coral who belong to other choirs.

Coro Los Sonidos de la memoria

The rehearsals will be on Wednesday mornings in the facilities of Real Club Nautico in Vigo, and the only requirement to be a part of this group is to be suffering from a dementia, the singing abilities won’t be considered.

This beautiful initiative will be used as a therapy, both for the people with the disease and their relatives. Thus, this is a very positive and original social initiative.

In the presentation today in Club Nautico the Vigo the following people were present: Juan Carlos Rodríguez, President of Afaga, Ignacio Pérez, President of Fundación Coral Casablanca, Oscar Villar, Musical Director in the Coral and Rafael Tapias, President of the Real Club Náutico in Vigo.


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