This cognitive stimulation workshop aimed at Alzheimer’s patients dealt with the legends, potions and traditions that surround Saint John’s Eve. This initiative was organized by the staff of the Day Care Centre “Beiramar” administered by AFAGA and took place in the gardens of Liste Museum, in Vigo.

There, patients of this day care centre made Saint John’s Water, commonly referred to as “cacho”. This  special water is made of different types of herbs and aromatic plants which were collected by Beiramar’s patients. This task allowed the therapists to exercise the memory of the Alzheimer’s patients since the individuals had to remember the name, smell and use of each herb. Moreover, they talked about all the different rituals and traditions of this magical evening.


However, the best part of the evening was when Mariano Marcos de Abalo read aloud the spell of A Queimada.  “Queimada” is an alcoholic Galician drink usually consumed during Saint John’s Eve. According to tradition, while preparing the beverage it is necessary to recite the aforementioned spell. This spell was written by Mariano Marcos de Abalo himself who, during this evening, not only read his own spell but also talked about the Queimada and explained its origins and benefits.


This initiative was possible due to an agreement between Liste Museum and Afaga

Furthermore, this stimulation workshop is only the beginning of a series of activities which will include other cognitive stimulation workshops. Since Liste Museum specialises in Galicia’s ethnography,  the activities to come will also involve the Galician traditional culture.

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