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Acuerdo para mejorar el bienestar de las personas con demencia.

The Galician Association for Family Members of Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients (Afaga) and the Siel Bleu Spain foundation signed a collaboration agreement to better the quality of life of people suffering from dementia.

“The goal of this agreement is to create collaboration ties, to work preventing the cognitive decline of people suffering from a mild stage of this disease. Using our experience working with this group every day and the experience of the Siel Bleu foundation adapting physical activity. We want to develop joint projects in favor of people suffering from dementia, or that are at risk of suffering it,” explained Juan Carlos Rodríguez, Afaga’s president.

This collaboration was born out of the knowledge that we have today about how stimulation programs help slow down the decline caused by this disease.  The goal of both entities is to help patients to have a greater autonomy.

“We want to develop evaluable and innovative programs that will solve future problems, Programs from which we can draw conclusions to show its efficacy,” says Juan Carlos Rodríguez.

“This collaboration will allow us to better the innovation in the therapeutic treatment and a better counseling for relatives. In sum it will be a qualitative leap, in measurable terms, of the results of physical activity programs. This will generate a model of understanding, early detection, treatment and dependence support in which a comprehensive care intervention will be necessary,”  said Diego Sánchez delegate or the Siel Bleu Spain foundation.

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