In Vigo,

The 10,000 euros will be used to strengthen support programs for users’ families

  • Boris Izaguirre, journalist and presenter, donated that amount to Afaga Alzheimer.

Afaga Alzheimer presents its most sincere thanks to Boris Izaguirre for his demonstration of generosity with the Association by donating 10,000 euros which he won in the program “Who wants to be a millionaire?”.

Juan Carlos Rodríguez, president of Afaga Alzheimer, was very happy and grateful; He assured that the 10,000 euros will be reinforcement to improve psychological support projects for the families of users diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or some other type of neurodegenerative dementia.

Rodríguez assured that, due to the social and psychological repercussions of the pandemic, adding the direct consequences on the situation of vulnerability in the family environment it seems pertinent to reinforce the psychological support programs for relatives-caregivers-close friends of people with Alzheimer’s Afaga.

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