Alzheimer’s disease is the most common dementia in both Europe and Spain and it has a particular relevance in Galicia. The Federación Alzéimer Galicia estimates that about 70,000 people suffer this disease, according to the WHO, it is the third cause of disability in people over 60 years.

One of the great handicaps we face is that, despite of the efforts we have made, we do not know the origin of the disease. This causes the delay of the appearance of new drugs or therapies that help, if not to cure the disease, at least delaying its appearance and evolution.

The classical theories about the origin of Alzheimer have failed. They are: the Amyloid hypothesis and the Tau theory. Obviously, these are two events that appear in most cases of Alzheimer but, if we have anything sure, it is that they are two secondary events to an unknown primary event.

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(Carlos Spuch, Senior Researcher at the Institut of Sanitary Research of Galicia Sur)

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