Chamademe Simbad

The Municipal Theatre School in Vigo presented the last April 29th the play ‘Me llamaba Simbad, in the Auditorum of Vigo.

It consists of a theatre adaptation of the work by the local artist Francisco Castro.

The idea of performing this play comes from an initiative presented by Afaga to the Concellería de Educación (Education Municipal Department) in Vigo.

The Municipal Theatre School in Vigo was responsible for adapting the novel to theatre genre in order to perform it on scenarios some months later. The actors are students from the School.

Chamádeme Simbad

The aim of this activity is to spread knowledge and raise awareness on the reality of Alzheimer’s disease in order to foster intergenerational relationships and reinforce the connexion between children and elderly in the family environment.

As it happens in the play, thanks to their unique insight, children are able to understand things that adults cannot and give importance to essential issues.

Obra de Teatro Chamádeme Simbad

 ‘Chamademe Simbad’

This play, as well as the original novel, tries to remind us the importance of the special relationships between grandparents and grandchildren. Its goal is to educate with values about respecting the elderly, far from selfishness, far from problems, stating that the love families share breaks down barriers.



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