Escuela de Espalda

Vanesa López, physiotherapist in Afaga, delivered the workshop “School for the back” in Ategal, Senior Classes in Galicia.

Approximately 20 students over the age of 50 who attend the senior classes participated in this training.

The aim of this theoretical-practical workshop is that those who take part in it can develop skills to prevent back injuries as well as to strengthen their back, significantly decreasing the potential damage.

This expert taught some theoretical notions on postural hygiene and the main existing mechanisms for injury. Moreover, she conducted a practical part in which they made a stretching session of the main muscular chains and specific muscles that are usually shortened as well as therapeutic exercises, breathing techniques and muscular strengthening.

Escuela de Espalda

López Miguens highlights that “around 90% of people over 65 years old suffer from back pain. At best, it can be a small nuance, but it is very common to find pain, mobility deficits and functional disability, which impacts their autonomy, generating dependency even in basic activities such as walking or getting dressed”.

Therefore, our expert recommends specific treatments that will always “depend on the injure, illness and medical history of each person and will always be performed by skilled health staff.

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