Living space

Living space specialising in cognitive impairment.

Creation and implementation of a global, interdisciplinary and avant-garde response to the new challenges arising from longevity and the diagnosis of dementia. This response is achieved through the implementation of various programmes in the same place, the ‘Espacio Convivencial’.

This project, promoted by AFAGA, will have different types of programmes that will offer comprehensive support (360掳 approach), including the following:

60 people living in this area

Social care and the possibility of living with your relative.

The intensity will be determined by the characteristics of each of the research projects. Of particular note is the project that AFAGA Alzheimer formulated jointly with the University of Santiago, the University of Oporto, the Galician Health Knowledge Agency (ACIS), the Galician Health Service (SERGAS), among others, within the framework of a European call that will be partially executed in this unit.

This space will host intergenerational activities and activities to combat ageism.

The stay in this space will be aimed at the following groups:

I. People with neurodegenerative dementias and their loved ones

Through the creation of a residential centre specialising in people with Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative dementias, which allows for a holistic and global intervention, highly specialised and innovative, aimed at delaying the deterioration caused by the disease. We hope to benefit 60 people.

II. Research staff and students of health and social and healthcare professions

This project, as a benchmark in the comprehensive care of patients with dementia and their environment, will be an ideal place for the development of initiatives and research studies through collaborations and consortiums in order to seek practical and innovative solutions to the problems of Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative dementias, as well as the challenge of greater longevity in the population.


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