The Council of Tui, a town located in the south of Galicia, and AFAGA, the Galician Association for Family Members of Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients, will develop a programme to help people who suffer from a mild or moderate cognitive impairment and their families.


These workshops will take place in the Regional Alzheimer’s Caregiver Centre “Baixo Miño” located in the former Escuela de Chans based in Randufe, a town also located in the south of Galicia. They will deal with cognitive and functional stimulation and will take place twice a week, three hours a day in the afternoon.  There will also be functional, motor, cognitive and social therapies in order to slow the progression of the disease. Moreover, information, counselling and social advice will be offered to families.

There are currently 10 people engaged in this initiative and several more on the waiting list. AFAGA intends to expand this service.

To participate in these workshops, those interested must contact the Tui’s Council Social Services Department. Once the application has been completed, the participants will undergo a functional and cognitive assessment in order to evaluate their suitability for these workshops.

To learn more you can contact Tui’s Council on the 986 60 36 25 – Extension nº 5 or AFAGA on the 986 22 97 97.

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