Circa 200 people, including relatives, volunteers, workshop participants and Afaga workers, gathered in the events hall of the Centro Vecinal y Cultural de Valladares (Cultural Neighbourhood Centre in Valladares) to hold the End of Course party for the workshops of 2018.

Performances, dances, songs, delivery of certificates, laughs and snacks were among the main attractions of the day. From Afaga Alzheimer, we would like to thank all those who supported us in the organisation of this event:  Centro Vecinal y Cultural de Valladares, for lending us their facilities to hold the party; Giros Matamá Danza, for livening the afternoon with their splendid performances; and María Vidal, contestant of Concurso Esquinas, in Luar, for giving the finishing touches to the event with her voice and the performances she made of highly popular songs. Obviously, we would also like to thank Diputación de Pontevedra for supporting the initiative.


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