Christmas Festival 2022 of the Day Centre Vigo-Beiramar

What a great time we had!

Wednesday 21 December, 16:30h. A place as serious as the headquarters of the Xunta de Galicia in Vigo is on the verge of losing its composure and becoming a place where fun prevails… That’s where we met the users of the Day Centre, their carers and relatives and the staff to celebrate our Christmas Festival.

It was a fantastic afternoon 😊

We begin with a few words from our president, Juan Carlos Rodríguez, and then we move on to the programme of the event. The first one: a video made with photographs of the activities carried out by the users during this year. The reaction was very emotional, and it is normal, these months they worked a lot in workshops, events, excursions… and remembering it this way is a pleasure, also for their loved ones.

The Christmas Festival of the Day Centre continued with a performance by the users themselves who, together with some of the workers, interpreted a ‘remix’ Christmas carol. Total success.

Another group of users recited the story ‘A viaxe de Carlota’ (Carlota’s journey), another moment of great emotion, which was followed by the presentation of diplomas to all of them for their motivation and participation over the last few months. Of course, they all passed with flying colours.


When all shyness was overcome was with the performance of the Accordion Group ‘Helios’ from Bembrive, who delighted us with lots of traditional Galician music. The Xunta’s assembly hall was transformed into a dance floor. What a rhythm!


And the final surprise was the performance ‘Madre Tierra’ by the workers of the Day Centre. They did a great job!

Do you want to see it all? said and done, this is for you:

What do you think? Do you like it? Let us know in comments 👇
P.S. We have a ‘bonus’, the full performance of our team 😉

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