Official inauguration.


The Association of Family Members of Alzheimer Patients and other Dementias of Galicia, AFAGA, organises for another year the Seminars for Professionals. It is the fourteenth edition of a seminar for all professionals related to the healthcare sector.
Under the motto “Alzheimer’s, a problem of all”, several professionals of the sector for the care of people
suffering from neurodegenerative illnesses will analyze and discuss on the most relevant issues related to
Alzheimer’s disease.
This year’s programme will include very interesting discussions and round tables. The Galician Society of
Geriatrics and Gerontology will be in charge of the opening conference “New challenges in the care of
people suffering from cognitive vulnerability”.


Saturday’s seminar will start with a round table on a very relevant issue for researchers and healthcare professionals: “Cognitive impairment: research and practical applications”.


After that, there will be a round table on a present legal issue, “Alertness and protective measures for
people with cognitive vulnerability”. People will analyze the existing legal tools for professionals and
relatives when protecting both the sick person and the caregivers (abuse, incapacitations, neglecting care…), as well as analyzing some of the current legal gaps in the field.


At the end of the morning, there will be an interesting round table on the topic, “Difficult decision making in the care of advanced dementia”. People will analize how and when to make certain decisions related to the sick person such as sedation, nutrition, controlling pain, mourning…


These seminars are considered to be interesting for the healthcare sector, accredited by “SAGa” and
endorsed by the Galician Society of Neurology and the Galician Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology.


Closing of the Conference.

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