Coro Los Sonidos de la Memoria

On Saturday June 6th the choir ‘Los Sonidos de la Memoria’ gathered in February thanks to an agreement between Fundación Coral Casablanca and Afaga Alzheimer, made its first public appearance. The result was impressive.

Coro Los Sonidos de la Memoria

They sang ‘Anduriña’, ‘Perfidia’, ‘Cuéntame cómo te ha ido’ or ‘El Circo’. In this last song, they were accompanied by Coro Peques Casablanca, obtaining a fantastic and incredibly moving result.

The members of this group are 26 people with Alzheimer or other dementias and their caregivers and relatives as well as some volunteers.

The choir is under the direction of Óscar Villar, who is thrilled with this new project, and accompained by three pianists, a keyboard player and a bass guitarist. Coro de Peques, Coro Juvenil, Coro ‘Gepetto’ and Coral Casablanca also performed during the event. At the end, all of them joined on the stage. In total, 450 people interpreted the new ‘Cuéntame’, with different voices as well as the Galician Anthem.

Coro Los Sonidos de la Memoria

Fundación Coral Casablanca


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