Even if every year it is complicated, this year the decision has been particularly difficult, due to the great quality and humanity of most of the received works. However, the winner and the finalists must be elected and these are the results:

The members of the jury for the IV Context of Short Stories on Alzheimer’s Disease decided that the winning work in the category ‘Spanish’ is ‘El Devorador de Recuerdos’, written by Sandra León Montagut.

Click here for reading ‘El Devorador de Recuerdos’

The winning short story in the category ‘Galician’ is ‘Comer o Mar’, written by Raúl Manuel Pérez Álvarez.

Click here for reading ‘Comer o Mar’

In addition, there are four finalists in the category ‘Spanish, two of them for Style:

  • For the Emotion: ‘La filmoteca de los recuerdos perdidos’, by Purificación Ruiz Gómez
  • For the Originality: ‘Tuyo‘, by Marta Michans Marquilles
  • For the Style: ‘Isla Promesa’, by Eric Fernández-Luna Martínez
  • For the Style: ‘El carcelero alemán’, by Imanol Pastor Sola

On the other hand, the finalists for the category ‘Galician’ are:

  • For the Emotion: ‘E Ti…..lembrastes’, by María Rico Vázquez
  • For the Originality: ‘A luz do sol‘, by Iria Seijas Pérez
  • For the Style: ‘O silencio dos sonos’, by Celia Bugarín Pereira.

Furthermore, Afaga Alzheimer wants to extend a special mention to the short story ‘Saltamontes, Piruletas y Lapicitos’, written by Martina Sartier Picó y Cristina Esmerode Iglesias. This short story was written by a girl and her grandmother in the Nursing Home ‘San Telmo’ in Tui (Pontevedra), within the framework of a very beautiful intergenerational activity.

In total, 230 were stories were submitted. Among them, there are really beautiful and moving stories, written from the heart from the perspective of the caregiver or the relative. These stories speak about feelings, emotions, anxieties, worries…

The finalist stories will be published on our blog ‘El Rincón del Cuidador’ from next Monday during May.

On the other hand, the rest of the received stories, whose authors have authorised their publication, will be uploaded during the next moths.

From Afaga we want to thank the great reception this context has had this year and the great stories we have received.

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