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In order to be closer to families and people with dementia during the quarantine period, Afaga launched a YouTube channel.

On this channel, we publish a section called ‘Healthy Pills‘, twice or three times a week: advice on how to take care of yourself, stimulation exercises, guidelines to relax, to work on your memory, to manage your emotions well… Here you will also find another section called ‘Fun Recipes’, where we publish cooking and entertainment videos.

In short, the Afaga Alzheimer channel broadcasts healthy recommendations and guidelines to improve the quality of life and age better. The videos are made by professionals of the entity, so the recommendations cover many areas: psychology, occupational therapy, social work, physical therapy and also law. In other words, through YouTube Afaga works the health care in an integral and transversal way.

To receive all our videos, you have to subscribe to this link Afaga Alzheimer and tap the notification bell.

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