‘She won’t remember. And you?’ was the motto chosen by the associations of families with people suffering from Alzheimer disease to commemorate the World Alzheimer’s day, celebrated this past 21st September.

Bearing this in mind, we want to appeal to society to raise real awareness on problems derived from neurodegenerative diseases; to the scientific field, so they can obtain a higher commitment from professionals and companies to push research; and naturally to public bodies, who have the key to funding new research, allocations and resources.

In short, our main goal this time is to raise awareness regarding this syndrome, whose incidence increases every year, and those suffering from it and their relatives, who deal with a really difficult situation, due to everything involved in taking care of someone with a neurodegenerative disease.

Picture gallery of the World Alzheimer’s Day

Conferencia Memoria
Conference of Ignacio Morgado Bernal, professor of Psychobiology.
Conferencia alzheimer
Día Mundial dle Alzheimer
Information stations.
Information stations.




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