One more year, Afaga has organized several activities in commemoration of World’s Alzheimer’s Day. Civic support and commitment led all the activities, as they had great civic participation, either from an attempt to learn more about this disease or to stand in solidarity with the affected people and their families.


Conference “Alzheimer’s and life style: Can we prevent the disease?”

Carlos Spuch, Senior Research Fellow of the Neurology Research Group at the Health Research Institute of South Galicia, and María Pérez, clinic dietitian and nutritionist and fellow member of the Official School of Dietitians and Nutritionists of Galicia, were responsible for the conference that took place on September 22nd in the Municipal Auditorium at the Arenal (Vigo).

According to these two experts, even though both Alzheimer’s and neurodegenerative diseases cannot be prevented, we can delay their appearance and, above all, age in a healthier way.  Some of the advices they gave were to have an active life and trying to do daily moderate exercise. In addition, they also talked about the importance of a healthy and varied nutrition with a good amount of fruits and vegetables and little amount of processed food. In other words, going back to how our grandmother’s used to cook and eat.


Both Carlos Spuch and María Pérez gave two outstanding lectures and they clarified a great number of doubts and false myths on how our lifestyle may have influence on future diseases we might have. The big amount of questions made at the end of the conference, as well as the number of total participants in the room, were a reflection of the great interest people had on the issue.


The Solidarity Walk

On Saturday September, 17th there was a Solidarity Walk organized by the Alzheimer’s Federation of Galicia as an event of the campaign commemorating World’s Alzheimer’s Day. “Setting the Pace for Alzheimer’s” was the slogan for the occasion. More than 500 people, including professionals, relatives and people affected by the Alzheimer’s disease from 13 different Galician associations, met at Monte do Gozo (Santiago de Compostela) to walk together.


On the part of Afaga, 140 people attended this event and they contributed with their grain of salt in an aim to give more visibility to a disease that year after year affects a greater number of people.

At the end of the 4.5 km route, at Compostela’s Bonaval Park, the inauguration of the Space for the Memory took place.  This site was given from the Town Hall of Santiago and from now on it will happen to be a place of remembrance of all the people suffering from neurodegenerative dementias and their relatives, too.



Information stands

On Wednesday September, 21st Afaga set up an information stand in the pedestrian area of Calvario (Vigo). Afaga gave there information about the association and the services provided.


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