Marco, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Vigo and Afaga, the Association of Family Members of Alzheimer Patients and other Dementias of Galicia, through a day care centre this same association administers in Vigo have started to cooperate this month in the teaching programme of the exposition “Productions and Processes in the DKV Collection”.


“What do you remember?” is the collective name received by the school programme of the MARCO’s didactics department. This project was designed around this exposition and tries to take advantage of the direct contact with the pieces of art and their numerous educational opportunities.


This exposition is the result of the collaboration between the insurance company DKV Seguros and MARCO. In the exhibition galleries of the ground floor, visitors can find the work of 11 artists (Misha Bies Golas, Patricia Dauder, Rosalía Banet, Mira Bernabeu, David Ferrando Giraut, Alex Francés, Martín Freire, Karlos Gil, Núria Güell, Alicia Kopf, Eulàlia Valldosera) in different formats and media. These pieces of art are the result of a Production Scholarship Programme and DKV Seguros Acquisition Prizes. Some of the pieces of art displayed in the museum are part of  DKV Seguros collection and won the aforementioned prize between 2011 and 2015.


During these months, a group from Beiramar’s Care Day Centre in Vigo, accompanied by this centre’s therapists and the MARCO’s staff, participates once a week in a programme of activities and workshops related to the exposition. As part of this programme, every Wednesday kindergarten and primary school children join AFAGA’s group to work together in the workshop-visits in order to make them collaborate. This programme includes six visits to the museum which started on 4th November and will last until 9th December.


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