Estimulación en domicilio

The Galician Alzheimer’s Association, Afaga, has been active throughout the quarantine period decreed due to the crisis of COVID-19.

From the beginning of this period, Afaga launched a Volunteer Service to assist elderly people living alone, in order to provide as much support as possible. The aim of this initiative is to help them in tasks such as buying food or medicines, or accompanying them to essential health services.

This free service is carried out by professionals of the association, as well as by its volunteers.

Elderly people who live alone and need to make use of this service should call 986 22 97 97 or write an email to

Estimulación en domicilio

In addition, Afaga put at your disposal a Distance Support Line for Relatives of People with Dementia, to offer help and psychological advice to relatives and caregivers. You can request this service at the following e-mail address: She is a family psychologist.

The Home Assistance Programme was also reinforced for all those who have dependent family members at home. The assistants follow the protection measures established in the security protocols for Covid-19.

Servicio de Ayuda a Domicilio

Finally, we recently launched a home stimulation service for people with dementia who cannot attend workshops or day centres yet. Our professionals take the cognitive and functional stimulation exercises to the homes of people who request this resource. You can request this service by calling 986 22 97 97.

Estimulación a domicilio.

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