Under the motto “Remember who I am”, Afaga organized several events for the information and the awareness concerning Alzheimer’s disease.

In the morning of September 21st, we held the presentation of the book of short stories “In a Corner of Memory”, edited by Afaga and printed by the Provincial Council of Pontevedra.

This event, which was held in the headquarters of the Provincial Institution, was attended by the President of the Provincial Council, Carmela Silva, the Representative of Social Cohesion, Digna Rivas, the Representative of Culture, Xosé Leal, the President of Afaga, Juan Carlos Rodriguez, the author of one of the short stories, Xosé Leal, and the author of the prologue in Galician language, Francisco Castro.

Family photo in book presentation.
Juan Carlos Rodríguez, president of Afaga, during his speech.

Infromative tables on the street

Volunteers and workers from Afaga offered information and advice to citizens.

Conference:  ‘The environment and the traumas in Alzheimer’s. What does the research tell us? ‘

Roberto C. Agís-Balboa, scientist., Institute of Health Research Galicia Sur and José Manuel Olivares, Head of the Psychiatric Service of the Hospital Complex (CHUVI).


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