Afaga y Amigos dos maiores trabajarán conjuntamente

Afaga and Amigos dos Maiores (branch of Fundación Amigos de los Mayores in Pontevedra) has signed a framework agreement that, among other goals, aims to improve the situation of elderly people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease thanks to social volunteering activities.

This agreement has been signed by Juan Carlos Rodríguez, President of Afaga and Mercedes Villegas, Director of Fundación Amigos de los Mayores.

Afaga, which is an entity specialized in the attention to people suffering from Alzheimer’s and their relatives and Amigos dos Maiores, which is an NGO devoted to fight against the feeling of loneliness in the elderly, thanks to the work of voluntary people who keep them accompanied. Both associations will join efforts to obtain the maximum benefit for the elderly in Galicia and, particularly, for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Foto de la firma del convenio entre Afaga y Amigos dos Maiores

Both entities will contribute

Among other things, thanks to this agreement, Afaga will provide specialized training on Alzheimer’s disease to voluntaries from Amigos dos Maiores, aiming to help in the early diagnosis of the disease. That given, the voluntaries will have the necessary information to identify and manage the first symptoms of dementia, in case they detect them in some of the elderly they keep accompanied during their voluntary work.




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