In Vigo January 25

Afaga Alzheimer has a new outdoor space suitable for helping users to improve physical, social and cognitive aspects

  • Today the space set up by the Municipality of Vigo was inaugurated, where Afaga Alzheimer, which has more than 700 associates, 75% of whom are women, will carry out outdoor activities. An important help and even more so in times of pandemic.


This commitment, which the Council of Vigo acquired in its day, is today a reality that will benefit all the users of our Afaga Alzheimer Center and neighbors; We consider that it is an important tool to help work on the cognitive and functional deterioration of people with some type of dementia, declared the president of Afaga Alzheimer, Juan Carlos Rodríguez.


The president of Afaga Alzheimer showed great satisfaction towards Mayor Abel Caballero for the conditioning of this environment since “it will allow the development of group activities and traditional games, which will be for the enjoyment of the entire neighborhood; becoming a meeting place and approach to Afaga Alzheimer, thus fulfilling our objective of creating a committed and inclusive society for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias ”, stated Rodríguez.


It has a lawn area, where group activities can be developed; four planters, where the horticulture workshop will take place. In addition, it has spaces enabled for the development of four traditional games such as the frog, the key, bowling and petanque.


This new external environment will serve to improve the physical, social and cognitive aspects of Afaga Alzheimer users. “Remembering past times helps to enhance long-term memory, sensory, cognitive and physical levels; in this way, it helps to stop the cognitive and functional deterioration of the Afaga users in the workshops” explained Jesús Andrea Reyes, occupational therapist at Afaga Alzheimer.


Through a methodology of outdoor programs, the various professionals of Afaga Alzheimer are already prepared to begin the activities in this new outdoor place enabled by the city of Vigo which will also be a meeting and recreation area for meetings and even a concert in the warm summer afternoons.


The Association of Relatives of Patients with Alzheimer’s and other Dementias of Galicia, with more than twenty-five years of service, today serves more than 700 associates, of which 75% are women, who are in charge of their close ones with and without diagnosis of some type of dementia, has a wide range of workshops distributed in 11 programs that are carried out in the health area of ​​Vigo.

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