In Vigo on June 15,

Afaga Alzheimer announced the winners of the VII Short Story Contest

  • More than 90 stories from various parts of the world participated.

The members of the jury of the VII Contest of short stories “Nun Recuncho da Memoria” Afaga Alzheimer have delivered their verdict. The winning works are “Misterios gozosos”, written by María Caamaño López resident in Madrid-España, in the Galician category and “El vendedor de recuerdos”, written by Claudia Alejandra Morales, resident in Buenos Aires-Argentina, in the Spanish category.

On this occasion the theme addressed the issue of “confinement and self-improvement”, Alzheimer’s or other dementia, seen as pathologies that isolate those who suffer from them and their social and family relationships, how the ability to overcome adversity is fundamental to continue persisting in life, mainly in the current social context of health crisis.

From the organizing team of the Afaga Alzheimer contest we are very grateful and surprised by the high participation from various stories from South America, Europe and Africa, and by the high capacity to transmit emotions and the clarity in the message presented by the different writers in the more than 90 works received.

Click here to readMISTERIOS GOZOSOS” 2021

Click here to read “EL VENDEDOR DE RECUERDOS” 2021

The Jury was composed of:

Ráquel Giráldez, Quality manager

Maximina Rodríguez, Psychology

Marina Requejo, Social Worker

Miriam Fortes, Social Worker

Remigio Rodríguez, Secretary of Governing

María Teresa Giráldez

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