In Vigo,

Afaga Alzheimer opens the VII edition of its annual short stories contest “En un rincón da memoria”

  • Contest is open from April 5 to May 17.


Afaga Alzheimer deixa aberto or prazo to participate in the contest of stories about Alzheimer and other dementias “En un rincón da Memoria”. In this seventh edition, the coidators, family members, and a person over the age of 16, sensitized to this disease or who want to write, can present or use their work and clog their source of inspiration that does not develop or develop neurodegenerative diseases.

On this occasion, due to the special situation in which we get stuck, or theme is: “Confinamento e mellora persoal”. Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias considered as pathologies that illustrate those who suffer from their socio-family relationships and as their personal flora is essential to overcome life’s adversities, mainly in the current context of social crisis.

There are two categories: Galician and Spanish, and each one has a winner who must rank among the three following options as a prize: a tablet, a smart watch or an electronic book.

The competition is open from April 5 to Galician Literature Day, Monday, May 17. Short stories will be received exclusively by email:

The length of the short story must be at least one and a half pages and a maximum of three. In Arial font size 12 at 1.5 spacing.

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