Daniel Fernández, a young man from Gondomar, has posed himself three challenges he intends to meet over 2017 as an act of solidarity with people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and their families. The goal is to raise funds he will donate to our organisation, Afaga Alzheimer. The money will be allocated to implement new programmes and services for this collective. For this purpose, he has created a Facebook account, which shows the bank account number to which people can donate: Reta3 Muévete por el alzheimer.

The first of these challenges was to run during 24 hours in a row on the promenade of Playa América and Panxón, which he did last Friday May 5th. Despite having adverse weather conditions, he started his adventure at 12 p.m. and he kept running until 12 p.m. on Saturday May 6th. Even if it was raining in torrents, hailing, there was a thunderstorm and lots of wind he did not cease in his efforts to meet his challenge, which was successfully completed.

Daniel is highly aware of Alzheimer’s disease, since he lost his grandfather two years ago due to this condition. Therefore, as he states: “when something like this happens [when someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease] we shouldn’t surrender. It’s the moment to remember them and fight for the most valuable thing, which is our memories. Maybe there’s not cure for Alzheimer’s, or that’s what they say, but for me there’s one and that’s being with this person on a daily basis and constantly remind him what you mean for him and what he means for you”.

“With these challenges I don’t only intend to run for a few hours and to pedal for some more. What I seek is to raise awareness so people don’t forget about them and help them to keep their memories longer. In order to do this, Afaga will help you by carrying out workshops with these people to make life of families dealing with a patient of Alzheimer’s disease easier”, he explains.

A great achievement for a great cause.


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