“Association of Family Members of Alzheimer Patients and other Dementias of Galicia” (AFAGA in its Spanish acronym) was founded in 1994 by a family group as a result of the lack of information and disorientation regarding the disease they had to deal with at that time.

AFAGA was the first Galician association for family members.

The association was initially an autonomous one, but it subsequently came to have a provincial focus. The reasons for it were the increasing emergence of new associations, and the impossibility of covering all the Galician population density.

Most of the activities and programmes are carried out at a local level, more specifically, in the town of Vigo.

AFAGA was a member of “The National Confederation for Family Members of Alzheimer’s patients” (CEAFA in its Spanish acronym). The increase in associations made necessary the creation of Autonomous Federations. AFAGA was precisely the founding member of “The Federation of Galician Associations for Family Members of Alzheimer’s patients” (FAGAL in its Spanish acronym).  Following this, the National Federation became the Confederation in which the Galician Federation is currently taking part.

One of our main purposes is to offer information and counselling for both family members and the population in general. We also want to bring the Alzheimer’s reality closer to Public as well as Private Entities with the goal of coming up with a wide and effective answer that would meet their demands. Finally, we promote and cooperate with any research involving the Alzheimer’s disease.

This Association has been carrying out a series of activities and programmes since 1994 in order to try to help Alzheimer’s patients and their family members, so that they can alleviate all limitations imposed by this disease.